Millions of people around the world collect gems and minerals for their metaphysical properties, and love to touch them, wear them or place them in their environments.

The simplest thing you can do is to select some stones to which you feel drawn and place them around your home or work area.

Many people like to use Amethyst to purify the energies of their home or office to create a positive, healing vibration in the space.

Some people place protection stones at the entrances to their homes. People in difficult work environments often place sugilite, which transmutes negative energy on their desks.

If you want your environment to be infused with love energy, place slabs of Rose Quartz around your home.

Most crystal lovers own a collection of pocket stones from which they can select according to the needs of the day.

Celestite is a serenity inducing stone which can help to reach a state of positive receptivity in meditation.

So how about experimenting with the positive, healing power of crystals to support you in your life?

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