The Masculine and Feminine Archetypes

Apr 15, 2021


The masculine archetype as Jung called it celebrates rational thinking, heroic power, goal oriented achievement and independence. It is transcendent, visionary, mindful, outgoing, achieving, driven, ambitious, obsessed, logical, determined, motivated, focused, single-minded, linear, solution oriented, loves challenges and dominance.

The masculine sees beyond this life, looks outside of itself, identifies with the eternal and wants to move ever forward. It plans and negotiates, is reasonable and rational. It is on a mission to achieve, invent, build, make a mark. It is the part of the self that is determined, loyal, judicious and steady.


The feminine archetype loves to feel, compels us to nurture, links sexuality with relationship, reveres life and death as natural cycles of nature. It is embodied, intuitive and heartful.

The feminine is that part of the self that is vulnerable, receptive, open, the part that values connection and communication, the part that doesn’t want to run away from life or change nature’s rules.

It is receiving, flowing, nurturing, emotional, all-seeing, caring, gentle, compassionate, tidal, flowing, creative, team-oriented and lives in the moment.

A person who cultivates his or her masculine and feminine qualities is able to balance power with love, inventiveness with sustainability, brilliance with wisdom.

Masculine and feminine energies complement and attract each other like opposite poles on a magnet. We all have masculine and feminine energies and are all able to display parts of both. Most men have stronger masculine energy and most women have stronger feminine energy. The stronger the masculine energy, the stronger the feminine energy this will attract.