Aromatherapy is the Ancient Art of healing and soothing through the use of Essential Oils.

Our sense of smell plays an important part in pleasure as it can arouse emotional reactions.

Do you have favourite scents that evoke memories of wonderful experiences?

A lot of our pleasure from food comes from its aroma. Attraction to other people often stems from our attraction to their scent. Moods can be enhanced with the use of scents. The essential oils in aromatic plants have been used for centuries to relax, sedate, refresh or stimulate. Essential oils are natural, volatile substances that evaporate readily, releasing their aroma into the air.

Aromatic molecules enter the lungs and become absorbed into the bloodstream, which can carry them to all parts of the body. When used on the skin, aromatic compounds can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream in the same way.

So how about playing and having fun with your sense of smell using essential oils?

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