Are you ready to step into your radiance and power and become an Inspired Feminine Leader?

So that you can take your place, feel confident, fulfilled and valued for all of who you are as a woman leader?

Then you are in the right place.
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We are at an exciting time in history.

The leaders the world needs now need new skills, abilities and super-powers. They need to understand who they are and who they came here to be as women leaders in a whole new way.

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Maybe you feel like you’re destined for something more, but struggle to be fully seen and heard.

Or maybe you dream of taking your place, but you’re afraid of being judged and of becoming visible.

Perhaps you’d like to step out of the scared version of you, and into your radiance, beauty and power.

  • It's hard trying to survive in a man’s world, ending up feeling exhausted, misunderstood and even bullied.

  • Wherever you are at the moment, Inspired Feminine Leaders is here for you.

  • We believe that there is a beautiful, inspiring leader waiting to be born in every woman.

  • We help you to set her free.

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+ Taking your place +

+ Feeling both powerful and radiant +

+ Feeling fulfilled +

+ Feeling confident +

+ Taking a stand for what you believe in +

+ Feeling authentic and true +

+ Feeling on purpose +

+ Making your own unique contribution  +

+ Knowing you have value +

+ Feeling seen and heard +

+ Feeling understood +

+ Feeling energized +

+ Inspiring others +

Imagine stepping into your radiance, beauty and power, fully visible and making the difference only you can make

"Alison is a cutting-edge transformational leader, facilitator and coach with years of experience and success, both with clients and as a leader herself. She understands what it takes to become the kind of leader the world needs now, and is excited to accompany you on your journey to become the leader you came here to be."

It’s all very well to step into a leadership position with some basic leadership skills, but it’s quite another to understand how to be the kind of inspired and inspiring leader the world needs now. Without this exploration and understanding of where you fall short, and why, you will be holding yourself back from leadership success and fulfillment, and from the opportunity to make the difference only you can make.

Learn how to connect to your inspired feminine leader now.

With Alison as your mentor and guide, you’re sure to sparkle, feel fully alive and energized on your path to success more quickly than you think possible.

Through participating in this exciting new program, you will become confident and feel valued as an inspiring leader.

“I feel immense gratitude for you as a leader and for the beautiful lessons of leadership that you teach. I honor your power and radiance”.

A V_G France

"I want you to know how much the gifts you bring make a difference on so many levels at the same time. Everything you offer works unbelievably deeply and powerfully. I honour your wise, liberating and inspiring soul."



Limited Spots Available for each journey

  • 12 online transformative modules released one per month, for you to use from the comfort of wherever you are, at home or away.
  • Each module includes a wide variety of learning materials and activities ranging from short videos and visualizations to creative projects and exploration.
  • Bonus modules and suggestions added monthly to inspire you further
  • One monthly Alchemy Circle call with personal attention from Alison to support your transformation.
  • An online community to connect, share and exchange with others like you on the same journey.
  • A complete One year membership
  • Access through our App as well as on Desktop
  • One Time payment or Monthly Payment Plans are available
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