In order to sparkle, feel fully awake and fully alive I need to feel connected to my heart and spirit. I experience this connection through my senses.

When I am connected to my spirit, I feel inspired and vibrant. I am magnetic and charismatic. I can express who I really am. I am passionate and compassionate, I accept and love my body. I’m open to pleasure, I appreciate beauty and know how to both give and receive. I live from a heart place.


On the other hand, when we feel more dead than alive, depressed or unhappy, we are disconnected from our spirit and our senses.


To connect to our spirit, we need to slow down, relax and resonate with life to experience and feed our senses. Breathe slowly, eat slowly, move slowly…


Would you like your world to become more colourful and vivid? To feel your life force energy flow? Would you like your soul to thrive?

I invite you to play and have fun with some of my favorite ways to connect to the senses...

© 2019 Alison Davis. All rights reserved

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