Recipes from me to you

Apr 15, 2021

My family's celebrations and get togethers have always been set around food. Both my mother and father were excellent cooks and loved traveling with us to France on culinary adventures, either for ingredients and wine or to dine in starred Michelin restaurants!

I see the ritual of the table as a celebratiion, indeed every shared moment of sustenance can be a celebration in itself. I don't see this as needing to be complicated or formal, but carefree, sunny and happy. I believe that cooking and eating together are the key ingredients of a happy home. I am passionate about food, I have ended up by living at least half my life in the South of France, where vegetables are ripened in the sun and village markets are a feast for the senses. I especially love nurturing, soul food. I don't do fast or processed food at all! I believe that our bodies are what we put into them as fuel and I hope to contribute to the good health of my family and friends as a result of what I believe and practise.

I'd like to teach you how to nourish your senses, give your energy a boost with good food, how to detox your liver… understand and learn how eating can nourish your soul, enhance your relationships and bring healing to you and yours.

I see cooking as an act of kindness, nurturing and generosity to others. It always includes one essential ingredient - Love! Let me communicate to you through these pages some of the true pleasure that can be derived from thinking about, making and eating food together with people we care about.